Education in the Harz

With diploma in your pocket, a new challenge is waiting for you: choosing a career or course of study. What should your future life and professional future look like? There is plenty of advice - the decision as to which career path you will ultimately take is up to you.

The possibilities in the Harz district are wide-ranging. From the perspective of a fresh graduate, you have multiple training possibilities at your disposal with very good chances of long-term employment and livelihood. The district has a wide range of offers, particularly in the areas of metal and electronics, tourism, hotels and restaurants. The Harz University of Applied Sciences with its locations in Wernigerode and Halberstadt also offers interesting courses in the fields of economics, administrative sciences as well as automation and computer science. In conclusion, you shouldn't just look at the titles or prestigious names but rather the content as it can be much more exciting and future-oriented than you might expect.

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