Harz Culture

Where to start? Every city and town in the Harz region has something of cultural value to see. The cathedral city of Halberstadt with its precious cathedral treasure, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Quedlinburg with its picturesque streets or Wernigerode  known as the colorful city on the Harz Mountains  with its enchanting castle. Follow one of the cultural routes such as the “Road the Romanesque”, the“ Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse ”or the“ Garden Dreams - Historical Parks in Saxony-Anhalt”.

The diversity of the museum landscape is hard to beat and the rich cultural offerings range from traditional Harz folklore, international music and choir competitions and festivals to theater performances at the most unusual venues and on beautiful natural stages.

There is a multitude of events in the Harz all year round. The best known are the legendary Walpurgis, the rock opera "Faust" on the Brocken and the "Advent in the Courtyards" in Quedlinburg.

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